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Melissa McCarthy stars in SPY as Susan Cooper, a desk-bound analyst who steps up for her first mission when all other agents are exposed. The movie is directed by Paul Feig and co-stars Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Byrne and Peter Serafinowicz, who only add hilarity to this comedic spy film. The tone of the movie is set by Susan Cooper (McCarthy)’s character development which showed a great comedic range compared to previous films The Heat & Tammy.

The surprisingly likeable nobody Susan Cooper proves that underdogs always have a chance, and that no problem is too mission is too insane for Jason Statham.

SPY was great fun and worth seeing in theaters so check it out!

Any thoughts on my review? What did you think of SPY? What are your thoughts on director Paul Feig’s previous films?

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6/15/2015 – 5:44 pm

by James

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