‘Independence Day 2’ Begins Filming, Two More Sequels Being Planned

Independence Day 2 is finally getting made, it will be followed by 2 sequels, many cast members are returning, some are not, and many new faces are joining the upcoming Independence Day trilogy! Details below!
The long awaited & delayed sequel to Independence Day is finally underway with filming beginning in New Mexico this month, but it might surprise people that Roland Emmerich’s plan isn’t to just revisit the alien ass-whooping from the 90’s but to entirely reboot it as a franchise – with trilogy of Independence Day movies to come. Director Roland Emmerich is returning, as well as some of the main characters, and adding some new ones as well.


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Newcomers Liam Hemsworth & Maika Monroe are set to play the lead characters as Hemsworth is rumored for an army character and Monroe the ex-President (Bill Pullman)’s daughter.

Returning Cast:

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Jeff Goldblum is returning as David Levinson, the computer expert who took down the alien ship.

ZZ712C5330-700x298(Source SlashFilm.com)
Judd Hirsch is returning as Goldblum’s father (in the film), but his role is not specified yet.


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Bill Pullman is now longer playing the President of the United States, but is returning as the character in the sequel, but now as the former President.

brent spiner
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Brent Spiner will be reprising his role as Dr. Okun. Although it appeared that Brent Spiner was killed in the original movie, producer Dean Devlin implied the character was merely in a coma.



Vivica A. Fox will reprise the role of Jasmine Dubrow, who was the wife of Will Smith’s character in original film.




Not Returning Cast:

ZZ4F981B62-700x296 Will Smith is the most obvious of the main cast not to be returning for the sequel, but Jessie Usher will be playing his character’s son Dylan Dubrow, who is rumored to have quite the large role.

Mae Whitman & Ross Bagley (below) will not be returning as both roles have been recast.


Randy Quaid, who played the flight pilot who suicide flew his plane into the alien ship to save Earth in the original ID4, will not be reprising his role for the obvious reason, although he will be surely missed because he was great fun.
randy quaid


The latest to join the cast are William Fichtner, Joey King, Deobia Oparei and Travis Trope. Liam Hemsworth & Maika Monroe are set to play the lead characters as Hemsworth is rumored for an army character and Monroe the ex-President (Bill Pullman)’s daughter.

Interestingly enough, the film, currently titled ID2, has a June 24th release date – almost exactly 20 years after the original was released on June 3rd, 1996, however the story picks up 15 years after the original.

Fox released an official plot synopsis:

Using recovered alien technology, the nations of Earth, anticipating the invaders’ return, have collaborated on an immense defense program to protect the planet. But nothing can prepare us for the aliens’ advanced and unprecedented force. Only the ingenuity of a few brave men and women can bring our world back from the brink of extinction.

What do you think of the casting choice & the returning characters? What are your thoughts on the idea that Independence Day will have 3 more movies?

Let us know below!

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