6 Reasons The WolfPack Could Be Back for “The Hangover Part IV”

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Yesterday I watched The Hangover Part III, and although every poster for the third installment in the series implies that the trilogy is complete, and that there won’t be another Hangover movie, there were some possible set ups (in The Hangover Part III) for what could result in another “Hangover”.

6 Reasons The Hangover 4 Could Happen:


(By the way, these aren’t in any particular order).

1. The Relation Between Stu & Jade, and Alan & “Carlos” Continues
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In The Hangover Part III, we see Heather Graham reprise her role as Jade, but more importantly, we see her (character’s) son Tyler (better known as Carlos), the baby from the first film. Now, it was a nice touch to see them again because at the end of the first movie, the implication was, that Stu (Ed Helms) would return to Vegas to actually get to know Jade, but he never did… they drunkenly got married (during the bachelor party for Doug), and later got the marriage (between Stu and Jade) annulled. Then, in the following movie, Stu is marrying a new, unknown character, and there’s a couple jokes made about Stu’s “first marriage”, but no resolution, and most importantly, no closure – until Part III when Stu and the WolfPack ask Jade for help tracking down Chow, and they visit her house.

Here’s where things might lead up to a 4th Hangover:

Jade is pregnant, and Alan just told Tyler/”Carlos” that he’s his real father.
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Yup, you read that right. In an attempt to re-connect with his lost little buddy, Alan confirms that he is Tyler (Carlos)’s real dad, even though he’s not.

So, that explains this poster, although I assumed it was referring to Stu (Ed Helms):hangover_part_iii_ver10_xlg(Source IMPawards.com)

Also, there could be something with Jade being pregnant, you know, the baby is somehow Stu’s, or something like that. Although, both Jade and Stu are happily married to other people, there still could have been something. Not sure about that one though. But Alan telling (now infant) Tyler/Carlos that he is his dad could lead to some pretty hilarious consequences, and if it doesn’t (and The Hangover Part III is the final movie), this plot line seems pointless: Alan tells Tyler/Carlos he’s his dad with no other mention of it, ever, seems like a waste of a quick joke, that could have lead to something funnier. Also seems like a bit of a scarring situation for the little guy…

2. “The End” has never really meant there won’t be more movie sequels

hollywood greekreporter
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Do you know how many franchises have used “the end” or “the final” schtick? Most of the time it’s to make more people go see it. It’s to trick people into thinking this will be the last time they can see their favourite actors playing these roles together. What’s even more prominent is franchises that continue after the “final chapter”… Reboots, remakes, unnecessary sequels. You name it, they’ve probably made it. I’m going to just put out there that the Friday The 13th franchise’s fourth film was entitled “Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter”. That movie was fourth of (so far) 12 movies… So I have a feeling that The Hangover Part IV isn’t at all out of the question.

3. Stu, Alan and Phil are still “the three best friends anybody could have”…

From moments like Stu almost losing his Dentist license to get drugs to knock out Chow, to Phil finally telling Stu: “No, you’re a f***ing doctor”, show that these three pretty much can get through anything together. Unfortunately Doug (Justin Bartha) seems to always be either missing, stolen or just generally not part of the action, so he doesn’t feel like he’s part of the WolfPack, even though he brings the group together: Alan wouldn’t know Stu & Phil if Doug wasn’t married to Alan’s sister.

These three guys have chemistry. The way they act together, it’s almost real. It’s fantastic how well these three actually figure out things. Now, I know it’s stupid to say a franchise should/could continue because these guys work well together, but they really do, and the profits from the movies will back me up. This franchise (so far a trilogy) has made over $643 million worldwide, and is the most successful R-Rated franchise of all time.

Maybe it’s how odd Alan is, or maybe it’s their friendship, but these three guys together means lots of money for studios. Lots. Seeing as the first movie was made for (a generally low-budget of) $35 million, and made $277, 322, 503 in the box office, it was a fantastic hit. Part II was made for $80 million and made $254, 464, 305. And Part III was made for $103 million and made $112, 200, 072… Wherever these guys go, they make people laugh, and they make money.
Source LowBird.com)

4. Melissa McCarthy was underused

You can’t bring someone like McCarthy into a franchise without having more for her to do than just be Alan’s wife, there’s got to be more of a follow-up.hangover3-sucker6230-jpg_202241
Source ScreenOnScren.BlogSpot.com)

She’s a fantastic comedic actor, and has really come out strong in the movie industry the last couple of years. I think she would be a hilarious addition to any of the mayhem that comes when Alan, Mr. Chow, Stu and Phil end up together… Plus, this would be the first time that one of the WolfPack’s wives is part of the party, so I think that’s worth seeing.

5. The After-Credits Scene

Here, just watch this and tell me a fourth movie isn’t going to happen…

There’s got to be a back story to this crazy night… Why is there a machine gun? Why is Chow always naked? How did he find the monkey? And of course, how did Stu get boobs?… It all needs to be explained.

6. Chow is invincible

(Source IFC.com)

Evident from the movies, Mr. Leslie Chow does not simply die, in fact, some would say he can’t die… You’ll see. He can’t be killed by drugs, prison, Marshall, or even falling out of the sky and getting hit by a car… Anyways, in the final moments of The Hangover Part III, Chow is reunited with the WolfPack and it looks like he might even be part of the WolfPack to some degree. Honestly, this movie felt kind of like a Chow spinoff, which I liked (as a change from the usual Hangover mysteries), so a fourth movie could be on it’s way, but it would have to explain why he showed up naked, with that monkey, and a ninja sword.

Honestly, I think I would want to see a fourth Hangover just so the last scene is explained… or added to, you know, whatever Todd Phillips feels like.

Just my thoughts.

What about you guys, what did you think of the movie? What do you think: could there be a fourth Hangover? Also, what did you think of Melissa McCarthy’s role in the Hangover Part III?

Let us know below!

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27 Comments on "6 Reasons The WolfPack Could Be Back for “The Hangover Part IV”"

  1. I want to see leslie chow team up with Oceans 11.

  2. I agree there was no closure to explain what happened in the very end and i think there needs to be a fourth hangover if not the hangover trilogy will in fact be incomplete there was so many things that are left unexplained i will be very dissapointed if they do not make a fourth hangover

    • I think for now, they’re not going to make one. But perhaps in a couple years, we could see a Part IV reunite the trio of troublemakers to see what they’re up to down the road! Thanks for the comment!

  3. I would love a 4th hangover! Even if its just to explain that last part!!!

  4. If you want the Hangover part 4 please like us and share!
    We write petition

  5. I would love a fourth one, to explain what happened after the wedding…

  6. One huge thing you forgot is after the credits the wolf pack experiences another hangover from Alan’s weding wakes up in a trashed hotel and Stu has boobs!!!

  7. I hope there’s going to be a fourth ! The sneak peak at the end of three leads me to believe there will be but I keep seeing that pror are saying there won’t ! 🙁 sadness If not !!!!!!

  8. * people online

  9. Please make s fourth one it has to be a fourth one

  10. Part 4 please

  11. yeah there should be a 4th hangover!.. i love watching it and also i want to know what will happen in the 4th part.. pls give us a 4th one.

  12. Yeah Melissa McCartney’s a way Funnyer Actress & the MR. Chow n the fount Monkey & Stu w/Boobs I can think so many Cutt ups n other Funny coments on that…
    Cause I NO if a friend ended up with Boobs @ a Honey Moon Party he’d never live it down… lol 🙂 lol!!! or maybe Todd Phillips is thinking up sum kind of spin off or a diff Movie title Sum like THO’s The Wolf Pack n there back n maybe the next 3 Movies bring all the Wives into the Film Hu???

    • thesecondtake | April 10, 2014 at 4:31 PM | Reply

      Haha thanks for the comment!

      I think you might be onto something MasterBill!

      I have a feeling there could be spinoffs,

      – James

  13. jj and jim spencer grice | April 24, 2014 at 11:11 PM | Reply

    I think u should make a fourth installment to the movie hangover 4 it was awesome to see that funniest Sean I’ve yet to see in the others don’t get me wrong they r all awesome. Come on guys make the dam 4th movie please it’s made laugh so hard I sometimes fast forward to the end so I can see the small segment of stus boobs just awesome Sean jj and jim

  14. Sadly, Ed Helms specifically said the Trilogy was final, and there will never be a part 4. Thought he did say they might make a movie just about Chow.

    • thesecondtake | June 12, 2014 at 12:39 AM | Reply

      The third instalment already felt like a Chow movie… Honestly, I don’t think anyone would pay to see a fourth Hangover movie, let alone a ‘Hangover: Chow’s Adventure’ movie…

  15. There needs to be a hang over 4 f they didn’t want people to request one then there should have been a different ending you can’t leave that big of opening and not close it

  16. wolfpack4life | January 5, 2015 at 3:03 AM | Reply

    It’s McCarthy, not McCartney.

  17. Sandeep Baghel | June 12, 2015 at 3:34 PM | Reply

    I am a big fan of Hangover and I am really exited to see even trailer of THE HANGOBER PART IV

    • thesecondtake | June 14, 2015 at 5:06 PM | Reply

      Thanks for the comment Sandeep! I enjoy the Hangover movies as well, and maybe, just maybe there will be a Part IV!

      – J

  18. Omg yessss I want a fourth Hangover movie!! I want to know more about Chow since I’m very interested in him and he is kind of sexy to me…I want to know more about him like, is he REALLY having a wife in the movie or was that just a lie to feel cool in the elevator of the second movie? When and where did the photo of him on the yacht got taken with the 2 chicks (also seen in Hangover 2, when Alan’s friends visited him)? Who is Mr. Chows love interest? Where is his house and where (in China) did he get born? Who are his parents? How did Alan became friends with him (it wasn’t shown in the first one how he got his number etc.)?

    I want ALL these questions solved before I will die!! Please Todd Philips hear me out, PLEASE MAKE A 4TH HANGOVER MOVIE OR A MR. CHOW SPIN-OFF!! <3

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