Arrested Development Season 4 Salaries – How Much Everyone Made



Season 4 of Arrested Development comes out this weekend, and I wanted to post about the salaries for each of the regular favourites:

Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Tony Hale, Portia De Rossi, Alia Shawkat, David Cross, Will Arnett, Jessica Walter, and Jeffrey Tambor – all received $125, 000 for the episode they starred in (because each episode focuses on one character at a time, some characters get 2 episodes. Jason Bateman is said to be the only actor in every episode). And here’s the best part:

If the actor appears in more than 90 seconds of another actor’s episode, they received $50,000. If it’s less than 90 seconds, the actor received $10,000. If a clip from a previous episode is used, the actor received $1,000. “That show launched a lot of our careers and everyone is doing great, so to come back together while things are going well is really a fortunate situation,” Bateman told GQ in March. “Everybody had to be big boys about not making it financially impossible.” (This paragraph is directly from the, I couldn’t have said it better). 

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So, what do you guys think about the salaries for each person? Also, are you excited about the new season finally coming? Plus, do you think the movie is coming?

Let us know below!

5/24/2013 – 9:57 am

by James

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