Wait… Was Walter White real?

I stumbled upon a pretty interesting video (a mini documentary) that seems to be the real story of a legendary meth kingpin, named Walter White.

Just take that in…

Breaking Bad: “sort of based on a true story”


According to the mini-documentary, (the real) Walter White lives in Alabama and hit his (drug-kingpin) peak just before he got arrested in (wait for it) 2008… The same year Breaking Bad made its debut on AMC…


(From the video)

Here give it a watch, it’s about 17 minutes long but pretty interesting.

There are some serious commonalities between the fictional and non-fictional W. W.

First off, the name. That classic name: Walter White.

Secondly, the obvious family-destruction that was caused because of them cooking meth.

Then there’s the purity of the meth they cooked (one being real, and the other, according to Bryan Cranston was candy…): near perfect purity of the meth.

The only 2 thing that aren’t similar about the two Walters are the colour of their product (the “real Walter” thinks colouring meth is silly…) & that the fictional Walter died before he could face his judgement, whereas the real one has been to jail, and a form of religious rehabilitation to deal with his crimes.


So, what do you guys think: did Breaking Bad steal the idea (and the guys name) for their show? (And more negatively…) Are the people in the video making it up to get a couple minutes of fame? Or is all just a crazy coincidence?

Let us know below!

11/28/2013 – 12:42 am

By James