22 Jump Street – New Red Band Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 5.34.46 PM


What do you guy think? Are those appropriate shirts that show they consume alcohol? What do you think of their partner counselling?

Let us know below!

4/10/2014 – 5:38 pm

by James

Amazing Spider-Man 2 – New International Trailer, Comic-Book Inspired Poster & Concept Art

Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes out on May 2nd, and they keep rolling out then new trailers, posters and images, check them out below:

Source CosmicBookNews.com)

spideybattleart rinospideyart gwenspideystill rhinofootstill spideyelectrostill


(Source CosmicBookNews.com)

What do you guys think of the new trailer? What about the comic-book style poster? Any thoughts on the concept art?

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4/10/2014 – 12:17 pm

by James

X-Men: Days Of Future Past – New Trailer, 15 New Posters

Here’s the international trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past:














(Source CosmicBookNews.com)

What do you guys think? Which is your favourite? What do you think of the character posters?

Let us know below!

4/6/2014 – 10:26 pm

By James




First Trailer For Luc Besson’s “Lucy” Starring Scarlett Johansson

Source ComingSoon.net)

Seems a little like Limitless, did anyone else feel that? What do you think of Luc Besson’s work? Any thoughts on the plot?

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3/3/2014 – 2:34 am

by James

Expendables 3 – Gets 16 New Character Posters

expendables-3-victor-ortiz-poster-570x844 expendables-3-mel-gibson-poster-570x843 expendables-3-wesley-snipes-poster-570x844 expendables-3-terry-crews-poster-570x844 expendables-3-randy-couture-poster-570x844 expendables-3-ronda-rousey-poster-570x844 expendables-3-kelsey-grammer-poster-570x844expendables-3-glen-powell-poster-570x844 expendables-3-harrison-ford-poster-570x844 expendables-3-kellan-lutz-poster-570x844 expendables-3-antonio-banderas-poster-570x844 expendables-3-dolph-lundgren-poster-570x844 expendables-3-jet-li-poster-570x844expendables-3-jason-statham-poster-570x844 expendables-3-sylvester-stalloen-poster-570x844 expendables-3-arnold-schwarzenegger-poster-570x844


I like how every picture looks as if someone took a picture behind the camera guy and all the actors are laughing about it. It’s almost like every one of the actors is laughing because Sylvester Stallone’s going to make 12 (maybe, maybe not) of these movies and people are still going to see them.

What do you guys think? Which character poster is your favourite? Which of the new characters looks the most interesting?

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3/2/2014 – 5:09 pm

by James

Watch Cap Take On ‘Batroc The Leaper’ in Korean Promo – Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes out this weekend, see it in theatres!

What did you guys think? Is George St. Pierre a good choice for Batroc The Leaper? What do you think of the ‘leaps’?

Let us know below!

3/1/2014 – 12:59 an

by James

The Evolution Of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

The Evolution Of Wolverine Small

Take a look at Hugh Jackman as Wolverine back in 2001 for X-Men, and in 2013 in The Wolverine:

Source Collider.com)

What do you guys think? Which X-Men movie do you like Wolverine the most in? Which of the Wolverine spinoff movies do you like the best?

Let us know below!

4/1/2014 – 3:34 pm

by James