THE NIGHT BEFORE Is The R-Rated Christmas Funny You Need

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The Night Before is exactly what you’d expect in a R-Rated Seth Rogen Christmas flick about drinking, drugs & a mysterious party – and it knows it. That’s exactly why it works so well. The characters are believable friends, the comedy is so ridiculous that’s it’s perfect. A great comedic Christmas movie that shouldn’t be shared with the kids.

The Plot:

The three friends (Rogen, Mackie & Gordon-Levitt) have spent every Christmas Eve together since whole shebang and for the past decade or so they’ve been doing this because of one character’s parents deaths of his two friends step and become his surrogate family but ever since they’ve been on this crazy Christmas Eve tradition they’ve been in search of the most insane party ever. Tonight is finally the year they find this glorious party and the night before the party is the craziest, most ridiculous drug-filled night of fun you’ve ever seen.
The Night before seth rogen anthony mackie joseph gordon levitt

The Night Before Review:

These three Christmas bros take on the Eve of the special night like no other friends before them. In their own drug-induced crazy night in the search of the most epic party, these three friends seamlessly pull off the Christmas Eve of legends. Not only did these three have the chemistry of real life friends, but they also had the night three real friends hope for – sex, drugs, alcohol, a RedBull stretched limo, karaoke, Chinese food, N64 GoldenEye, more drugs, a duet with Miley Cyrus & to top it all off they finally got to speak openly to & about each other. The movie trails along as an R-Rated Christmas comedy, but it’s also one hilarious & ridiculous look at life, love & friendship on such a special day. Oh and Mr. Green (Michael Shannon) the drug dealer is easily the creepiest and greatest underground hero of all time. Perfect execution of such a unique character.

What di you think of The Night Before? Any thoughts on my review? Did it convince you to watch the R-Rated comedy?

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11/25/2015 – 3:35 am

by James

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