DOCTOR STRANGE – Benedict Cumberbatch & Chiwitel Ejiofor in Nepal

DOCTOR STRANGE has begun filming in Nepal with Benedict Cumberbatch & Chiwitel Ejiofor (as Baron Mordo)!


Doctor Stange_Benedict_1 Doctor Stange_Benedict_2 Doctor Stange_Benedict_3 Doctor Stange_Benedict_4


The photo shows Cumberbatch in character, but not in costume, on location in Nepal. According to the comic lore, Doctor Steven Strange’s origins and training take place in the Tibet, but perhaps this location in Nepal is more ideal.

Since production has started, there are many theories about how the movie will play out, and of course, how it will connect with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (at this point).

DOCTOR STRANGE has a release date for November 4th, 2016 – exactly one year from today!

What are your thoughts on the set photo? What do you think will happen with this Doctor Strange movie? Do you like the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch?

Comment below and let us know!

10/4/2015 – 10:35 pm by James

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