Could Finn (John Boyega) Be Han Solo’s Son? | Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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John Boyega’s character Finn could be Han Solo’s son in the upcoming reboot – Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Who is John Boyega’s character Finn?

At the San Diego Comic Con JJ Abrams was discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens and neglected to answer any questions about the newly introduced main characters played by John Boyega (Finn) and Daisy Ridley (Ray). More specificially, he mentioned that he couldn’t say anything about the characters’ last names, because “it would be too spoilery”. Leading me to believe there could be a bigger connection between either of these characters and those of the previous Star Wars generation…
Ok let’s back up a little bit a couple months ago – it was announced that Star Wars comics were being kind of relaunched so that they would be cannon to the upcoming Star Wars movies. What this means is that these stories (upcoming comic books & movies) will take place in the same universe and in the same timeline of events as each other.

Han Solo’s first wife is Sana Solo?

In one of the newer comic books actually Star Wars #6 a new character was introduced as Han Solo his wife: Sana Solo.

John Boyega Han Solo Finn Harrison Ford Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer teaser poster  leia luke skywalker star warsSource Star Wars #6 comic book from Marvel Comics)
But since the comic books are now cannon with the movies when the new movie comes out Star Wars The Force Awakens, Han Solo not only is with Leia but also has a previous wife named  Sana Solo possibly they could connect or they couldn’t. But the timing is too coincidental, because if they were going to introduce a new character to be in Han Solo’s past, why would they do it now before the franchise reboot?

Could Finn be Han & Sana Solo’s son?

The producers and CEOs in charge of what decisions get made for the movie, how much the same what’s going on with the comic books so that things don’t create continuity errors. So Han Solo has a wife named Sana Solo and they possibly had a son who would have Jedi-like powers kind of like Finn does…
In the trailers for Star Wars The Force Awakens, we’ve seen Finn wielding a lifesaver and also dressed up as a stormtrooper. In one of my other posts/videos I point out that it’s actually Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber Finn is wielding.
Is it possible that Finn is the child of Sana Solo and Han Solo? Is it possible that Ray is the child of Han & Leia, making Finn & Ray siblings?
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