Deadpool Won’t Have Schizophrenia In Live-Action Film

The live-action Deadpool movie will be crazy, but won’t feature the comic book antihero’s classic crazy trait: Schizophrenia. You know – when Deadpool crazily talks to himself… and then responds, and then starts an entirely new conversation against himself.



Leaked Deadpool Test Footage Lead To The Movie Being Made

Deadpool was poorly adapted for the silver-screen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and the leaked test footage (below) captured the character’s perfect insanity that comic fans love about him. But according to a report from Entertainment Weekly’s special San Diego Comic-Con issue, the live-action Deadpool won’t suffer from schizophrenia like his comic book counterpart.



Deadpool’s kooky, fourth-wall breaking behavior is part of the character’s charm and trademark since the comic book miniseries Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993). But even if the movie doesn’t adapt the character’s schizophrenia to explain Deadpool himself, they are doing their best to display Deadpool’s manic charm. Who else would post their first promo picture for their film, while posing sensually on a bearskin rug?


According to, Deadpool will try to follow the comics as close as possible. After all, how many second chances do you get to get the character right?

Here are some new photos from the EntertainmentWeekly article:



Watch the Test Footage:

What do you think about them not adapting Deadpool’s schizophrenia for the film? What do you think of the cast? Any thoughts on Deadpool’s costume?

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7/9/2015 – 8:38 pm

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