Avatar 2 Delayed to 2017, Quadrilogy Planned

The sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time ($2, 787, 965, 462 total), has been delayed another year because the director himself is struggling to condense his vision from 4 (more) Avatars to 3.

That’s right – James Cameron has planned out an Avatar trilogy, beyond the already established first movie. So far, Cameron and his team of writers are working on condensing the already outrageous Avatar sequels into a compact and fluid trilogy, making what everyone thought was a great standalone film into a quadrilogy (a series of four movies).

James Cameron has pushed back the release of Avatar 2 since it was announced in 2013 more than 5 times and he confirms that we will see the sequel December 25th, 2017 (Christmas Day), but who knows – maybe it will get delayed again.

Should there be an Avatar Quadrilogy or should it just standalone? What do you think the story arc will be for the upcoming trilogy? Did you enjoy the first one?

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6/25/2015 – 1:29 am

by James

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