This ‘Vacation’ Will Be Different; Griswold’s Head Back To Wally’s World


The latest franchise to get a soft reboot is the Vacation series with Ed Helms playing Rusty Griswold , who tries to lift his family’s spirits with a return to the family (& franchise’s) roots with a vacation to Wally’s World. This time around, the movie focuses on the next generation of Griswolds with Chevy Chase & Beverly D’Angelo (as Clark & Ellen Griswold) returning, but not as the main characters.

The first official poster for Vacation:


The red-band trailer shows the Griswolds haven’t changed and that Rusty is just as clueless as his father before him. With multiple supporting stars: Christina Applegate, Chris Hemsworth, Leslie Mann, Charlie  Day, the soft reboot (meaning a sequel, not a remake) will be the sixth installment in the franchise.

The original Griswold’s:


What do you think of the trailer? Any thoughts on the cast? What about the plot?

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5/7/2015 – 2:42 pm

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