The Walking Dead – It’s Important To Remember Anyone Can Die – “Spend” Review (S5E14)

In the Walking Dead, people are unpredictable, especially new characters. You don’t know how people are going to act in order to survive and in particular, this episode showed how selfish acts, can make people Walker-bate.


Episode 15 of Season 5 started off with Father Gabriel (above) tearing pages out of a bible – something bad is coming. Father Gabriel’s been quiet since the group made it to (the ‘paradise’, as he called it) Alexandria. But when he broke his silence, what he had to say was harmful to the group that saved him in the first place. If you missed it, don’t read further. Father Gabriel sells Rick & the group as satin’s servants (disguised as survivors) to Deanna, president of Alexandria.


Glenn, Eugene, Noah, Tara and Alexandria members Aiden & Spencer (Deanna’s son) go on a supply run; Abraham saves the life of a construction worker on the wall; Rick investigates an art crime, and Carol finds out Rick’s love interest’s husband is abusive. A lot of character relation development happened.

When Glenn and the supply run group get to the department store, they enter, find supplies and then get separated & injured after a walker literally explodes. Well, Spencer shoots at a Walker that is wearing a bullet proof Army suit, that had a grenade on it.

The-Walking-Dead-spend-recap-620x300With The Walking Dead, you have to remember that anyone can die, and TWD loves to remind us of that. We see Eugene has been separated from Glenn & Noah, and Tara lies beside him, unconscious. While Eugene is seconds away from becoming chow, Glenn & Noah save his life. From across the room, we hear Spencer is still alive. They attempt to save his life, as Eugene cowards away from action.

Aiden leaves Glenn & Noah to escape through the front door, but ends up trapping all three of them in a revolving door. While trying to determine the next move, Aiden sacrifices Glenn & Noah in order to help himself yet again, and Noah gets eaten alive by the whole horde.

the-walking-dead-spend screen-shot-2015-03-16-at-11-15-39-am-5-things-you-might-have-missed-in-the-walking-dead-spend

To recap, Noah just decided he wanted to become the future architect of Alexandria & possibly the historian, Spencer had just started trusted Glenn & the group, and then both die. As soon as someone becomes vital in The Walking Dead, they die. It’s important to remember anyone can die.

The question is, who will die in the Season 5 Finale?

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3/18/2015 – 11:55 pm

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