The Walking Dead: What Do The W’s Carved Onto Heads Mean?


The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 13 “Forget”


Given that at the end of the last week’s Walking Dead episode, Rick (Andrew Garfield) confirms to Carol & Daryl that they’ll be ready, if they have to – take Alexandria by force. But this Sunday, we saw The Walking Dead survivors in a whole new way than usual: trying to fit into a society they felt was dead, with Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) hosting a dinner party.

The survivors from Rick’s group all acted out in their own way – Abraham got drunk, Michonne thought about life & purpose (resulting in her hanging up her sword), Sasha breaking the silence and yelling at guests at the party (about their trivial problems compared to basic survival) “THAT’S what you’re worried about!?”, Rick kissed a girl on the cheek, Noah tried to escape the party, and Carol threatened a child.

“Forget” was a staple episode between the introduction of Alexandria to the group in “Remember” and quite possibly the takeover/fight for it in “Spend” (March 15th), and some argued that nothing important happened, but a lot of build up in different areas occurred and we’d like to recognize the subtlety that it was done in.

walker-w-126645Rick became a figure of authority (becoming Alexandria’s constable) and made a move on Jessie, who could be his love-interest in upcoming episodes. Daryl made a new friend, and got a job. Carol threatened a child, for the good of the group, of course. While stealing guns for backup, just in case things go sour, and Rick’s group need to fight back, Jessie’s son followed Carol into the armory to see if she was making more cookies, and Carol informed him of the dangers of telling her secret.



But with all of the character development (and lack of: where were the Father and Eugene?), the most interesting part of the episode was the discovery of W’s on the heads of Walkers, in contrast to the A that Jessie’s son stamped on Rick’s hand. This was the first time that the group (Rick, Carol & Daryl) see the W’s but a few episodes back in “What Happened and What’s Going On”, the audience first saw W’s carved into Walker’s heads when a dozen or so limbless walkers spilled out from the back of a truck.

Now, the A could stand for Alexandria, Alive – anything really, it could have just been the last stamp they had. But the W’s carved into the foreheads on the undead, that could be a couple different things. The W could stand for Walker, Wolves (the group that is supposedly lead by Walking Dead comic book ultra bad guy Negan. So the question is, who is carving these W’s, are they put on foreheads before or after people have turned, and what does it mean?

Is Alexandria actually safe or will Rick’s group have to take it over? What do the W’s mean? And when will we see Negan?

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3/10/2015 – 12:40 pm

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