PHOTO: David Spade from ‘Joe Dirt 2’ First Day of Filming

If you didn’t know already, the mullet-wielding janitor Joe Dirt which turned into a bit of cult classic has been green-lit for a sequel entitled: Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. The first day of filming finished today in Louisiana, with David Spade surprising fans with a pic after shooting of his character, mullet and all, Joe Dirt.


“Day 1. Let’s get this sh*t started! #imjoedirt #whatscrappenin,” he posted the image to Facebook earlier today.

The sequel will be released directly to Crackle in 2015, but Joe Dirt: Beautiful Loser has been in-development for a couple of years now. Interestingly enough, the news of Joe Dirt 2 just a couple weeks after we heard longtime buddy of David Spade Adam Sandler signed a deal to do four upcoming movies exclusively with NetFlix.

Could this have had an influence on David Spade’s process of getting the sequel into development? If it’s this hard to get the production started, is it going to be worth seeing? Did you guys want a Joe Dirt sequel?

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11/19/2014 – 7:30 pm

by James

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