Leaked ‘Deadpool’ Test Footage


Check it out before Fox takes it down! The test footage for the long-awaited, long “in production” but not made yet Deadpool movie:


The costume is perfect. Way better than the ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ Deadpool costume.

SECOND – the Deadpool movie has been in and out of production for the last 5 or 6 years and has yet to even be greenlit yet because Fox studios is debating whether or not to make the movie gruesomely violent (like Deadpool should be) or sort of violent so they can nab that PG13 rating – which means they’ll make more at the box office if kids are allowed to see it…

BUT, this leaked (yes, wasn’t meant to be released yet) is proof that with Ryan Reynolds’ quick wit/smart mouth, a Deadpool movie could be really good if it was R Rated…

If anyone from Fox or Marvel is reading this, and getting a little upset that I’m spreading the “leaked” test footage for Deadpool know that I didn’t post the video online AND I think this Deadpool test footage is GREAT – also make the movie R Rated because it will be way better if its Deadpool with as much blood and violence as he can offer.

What do you guys think of this test footage? Any thoughts on them making a Deadpool movie as R Rated or PG13? What about Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool?

Let us know below!

7/28/2014 – 10:45 am

By James

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