X-men Days Of Future Past – 25 Limited Edition Empire Magazine Covers

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The newest Empire Magazine covers for X-Men: Days Of Future Past are coming every hour, and there’s going to be 25 in total.

I will post them as they come out!

Here are the first couple. According to ComicBookMovie.com, this is the order they’ll come out:

Cover 1: Sentinel (Past)
Cover 2: Havok (Past)
Cover 3: Toad (Past)
Cover 4: Stryker (Past)
Cover 5: Trask (Past)
Cover 6: Mystique (Past)
Cover 7: Beast (Past)
Cover 8: Quicksilver (Past)
Cover 9: Magneto (Past)
Cover 10: Prof X (Past)
Cover 11: Wolverine (Past)
Cover 12: Bryan Singer (middle)
Cover 13: Wolverine (Future)
Cover 14: Professor X (Future)
Cover 15: Magneto (Future)
Cover 16: Storm (Future)
Cover 17: Rogue (Future)
Cover 18: Warpath (Future)
Cover 19: Kitty Pride (Future)
Cover 20: Sunspot (Future)
Cover 21: Blink (Future)
Cover 22: Iceman (Future)
Cover 23: Bishop (Future)
Cover 24: Colossus (Future)
Cover 25: Sentinel (Future)

*All images on this post are from ComicBookMovie.com:

hr_X-Men-_Days_of_Future_Past_55wQWwhjOx-men-days-of-future-past-toad-empire-cover x-men-days-of-future-past-william-stryker-empire-coverhr_X-Men-_Days_of_Future_Past_59Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 7.42.00 AM_largehr_X-Men-_Days_of_Future_Past_61hr_X-Men-_Days_of_Future_Past_62hr_X-Men-_Days_of_Future_Past_63xmen-days-of-future-past-empire-cover-professor-x-james-mcavoywolvercoversingercoverfuturewolverinexoldoldmagsnewstormbigroguebigbm8u73i01qspBlinkkakz8BfC7ME2CMAAypBH.jpg-largeBfDGsuFCMAAdLri.jpg-largedBECmVq

What do you guys think of these covers? Which one if your favourite? What do you think of Toad & Quicksilver?

Let us know below!

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