“Frozen” Review

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So, I know the movie came out a while ago, but I was looking for a movie to see in theatres a couple weeks ago, and I had seen just about everything already, except this one animated Disney looking film, that, from the trailer,

(The only one that I saw advertised at all)

appeared to be an animated movie about a cute reindeer and a silly snowman. And I naturally, seeing as I grew up with the “Ice Age” series and thoroughly enjoyed “Wreck It Ralph”, I figured this was that same sort of movie: silly animated animal that can talk get in to trouble and its pretty funny.

“Frozen”, on the other hand was not.

I saw that it had an 8.1 rating on IMDB.com and decided that it must be worth seeing…

I was wrong.


Read this carefully:

This movie was not enjoyable. It was awful.

It was confusing, didn’t stick with a genre and was flat out painful to endure.

The only, I repeat only, funny/enjoyable/watchable parts were when Josh Gad said his lines as Olaf the snowman.


The rest of the movie was just terrible.

At points, it was a movie about a super powered child with the ability to control/manipulate ice, then it was a musical about two sisters who lived in a giant palace but were never allowed to see each other. Then the musical paused, and we meet an uncomfortable amount of weird characters when the city is opened for the crowning of the new queen. And it kept flipping, on and off, being a musical, attempting to be a comedy, and being a movie about life lessons.

It didn’t stick to one story, or genre and felt like it was trying really hard to be the “next” ________ (choose a Disney singing movie: Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid, etc.).

It’s almost like Disney wanted to make another “classic”, by following a formula…

(Running title) the Disney-singing movie equation:

A certain amount of love, magic, talking animals, non-talking animals, silly humans that are best friends with animals, singing, a girl that falls in love-at-first-sight (first boy she ever saw), comedic relief from a non-serious less important character, a little more singing (randomly), a weird creature, a prince that’s no-good, an inanimate object that can talk tells people everything will be ok, lots of weird talking/singing objects (in this case, rock-trolls), a curse that can only be cured by true love, and to finish it off a message about what true love is.


(Image source IMPawards.com)


Have you seen the movie? What did you think of? Did you like it?

Let us know below!

1/20/2014 – 4:28 pm

by James

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