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The newest bit of news for the remake of Highlander is that there is a new director on the project.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo was originally directing the remake starring Ryan Reynolds as the Highlander, but now the director and lead have dropped out and there’s word (from that visual effects supervisor Cedric Nicolas-Troyan will have his directorial debut on the upcoming Highlander reboot/remake.

The original Highlander started Chris Lambert and Sean Connery as immortals that could only be killed by beheading, who spent centuries trying to kill similarity immortal being because “there can be only one”…

The new Highlander movie currently also has “Iron Man” scribes Art Marcum and Matt Holloway working on the script.

Personally, if they have to make a Highlander remake, they should cast Thomas Jane (The Punisher) as the lead.


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Who would you cast as the Highlander? Who would you have as Kurgan? What about the story, which movie do you want them to remake?

Let us know below!

1/4/2013 – 3:20 pm

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  1. Either Thomas Jane or Ryan Reynolds as Connor and Tom hardy as the kurgan

  2. Either of those would be fantastic choices, unfortunately Reynolds has said he won’t be in the remake because production is taking too long.

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