“Kick-Ass 2” – “Kick-Ass” meets “Carrie” – Movie Review 8/15/12

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After watching Kick-Ass 2, my first thoughts are that the level of violence seemed in par with (or even a little subdued compared to) the first movie, and that was partly why the first Kick-Ass was so popular: real life people being superheroes doing real life sort of violent acts. Although, the movie seemed to be complete when (MAJOR SPOILERS FOLLOW) Kick-Ass finally kills Chris D’Amico/Red Mist/The MotherF*cker, the movie also, at the same time, felt like it raised a couple more problems than it solved…

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First off, obviously, Justice Forever taking down all of the bad guys (at the end) was a huge solution to an also huge problem, but there were more minor problems that arouse throughout the movie that didn’t seem to be dealt with… and maybe it’s just me, but the bad guys getting locked up is nice and all, but there are some more serious problems that these superheroes will have to deal with in their normal day lives.

OK, to start (we’re going back a little now, so be patient), at the end of “Kick-Ass”, Dave Lizewski (a.k.a. Kick-Ass) is in love with (and dating) Katie Deauxma (played by Lyndsay Fonseca), but after she over hears a conversation in which Mindy Macready (Hit-Girl) says to Dave that “she’s done, it’s over” (paraphrasing…), Katie dumps Dave thinking that he was cheating on her with Mindy. And without being too upset about it, Dave rebounds to a girl name Night B*tch, who is a fellow Justice Forever member. So Katie’s his girlfriend for 2 years and then (after only appearing in the sequel for about 3.5 minutes), she’s gone, and never hear from again… Dave never goes after her or anything…

The next problem that was created but not really fixed was the two very obvious recasts: Todd and Marcus. The first recast being Dave Lizewski’s best friend Todd, who in the first Kick-Ass movie was played by Evan Peters, but in this movie was played by Augustus Prew. Not only does “Todd” become the most easily hateable character in Kick-Ass 2, even more than Chris D’Amico/The MotherF*cker, but he made the recast noticeable. Morris Chestnut replaced Omari Hardwick as Marcus Williams, and the transition between the two roles was flawless: Chestnut acted and did things that were in the character of Marcus Williams’ best interests and something he would have done… Whereas, Todd changed (actors obviously but also) mentally between the two movies: he wasn’t the same character. Firstly, the “New Todd” betrays his friends for joking with him, then joins the bad-guys side, then let’s slip his best friend is actually Kick-Ass. There’s always that one dumb friend in the group, but no one is that dumb: jeopardizing their friend’s lives like that. Also, “New Todd”‘s actions lead to the death of Kick-Ass’s father, then when good came to fight evil in the final scene, “New Todd” ran away scared.

My guess is that Lyndsy Fonseca’s role was shortened and Evan Peters’ role was recast because they have scheduling conflict’s with their new shows: Nikita for Fonseca & American Horror Story for Peters. Just a guess though.

Finally, the last two problems that didn’t seem to get solved or even recognized as problems, were that well, at the end of the movie, Mindy kissed Dave. Now, it seems innocent because their good friends that have known each other for a while, but also it seemed weird… knowing the age difference between the two of them is almost 6-7 years. But to be honest, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Dave/Kick-Ass) doesn’t care about age – his wife in 17 years older than him… but back to the movie: does this mean that Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass are meant to be a couple in the next movie? Not sure, but it seemed unresolved

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As for a review of the actual movie (not just some minor plot-holes): I thought the movie was engaging, entertaining, funny at the right moments, and also, it had well timed violence. The only thing that might bother people is that it’s probably about 1/2 about Hit-Girl… The movie should have been called: “Kick-Ass 2: Hit-Girl’s struggle with high school bullies and some other stuff…”
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I kid Chloe Moretz-Grace, although her section of the story seemed awfully close to the plot of her upcoming (remake) “Carrie” – an unpopular girl hides and avoids people who are considered cooler than the most popular girl tricks her into thinking she’s one of them, and that a boy likes her, then gets publicly humiliated… Interesting.

Overall, I liked the movie, and I think it’s a good addition to the now 2 movie franchise for Kick-Ass…

My rating for this movie would be a 7.5

What did you guys think of the movie? Are you going to see it? What did you think of the first movie?

Let us know below!

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  1. Dude I was wondering about the recast of todd also for me it did kind of change things a bit, but he did do a good job. Also if not sure if you have read the books but most of Hit Girls spin off comic is about her dealing with bullies

  2. SPOILER ALERT!!!!: Actually Chris D’Amico didn’t die. There’s an after credit scene that shows his legs were bitten off. I believe the scrotum as well. But he lays in a hospital bed yelling at everybody to give him a drink of water.

    Actually, Motherfucker wasn’t killed. After the credits, it is revealed that he survives and just has his legs amputated.
    See the link from aftercredits.com:

  4. thesecondtake | August 27, 2013 at 3:15 AM | Reply

    You can watch the full after credits scene here:


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