Turbo – Movie Review – July 17th, 2013

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Turbo shows us how a little bit of hope can go a long way. Turbo showed a lot of heart, proving that the underdog (or snail, in this situation) truly can win.

Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L. Jackson, and Paul Giamatti star in this new animated film about a snail who believes he’s born for speed, then accidentally ingests a lethal amount of Nitrous Oxide, and generates the ability to go faster than most cars.

The movie was a great example of character, humour, and family-packed fun.

Out of the movies to see this weekend, I highly recommend families (with young kids) check out Turbo!

I give “Turbo” a 7/10 rating.

And if animated movies aren’t your thing, check out Grown Ups 2!

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What do you think of the banner? What about the actual movie? Any thoughts on the spinoff TV series?

Let us know below!

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