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Last night I watched Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Ken Jeong in The Hangover Part III – the completion of the Hangover trilogy. Personally, I think Todd Phillips (the director of the trilogy) did a really good job of completing the trilogy: he connected the third movie back to the first two, plus he didn’t make the story the exact same as the first two, while also bringing the (trilogy’s) story to an end, by bringing it back to it’s roots (that is as close to a spoiler as I’ll get).

Connecting The Trilogy – As the third (and maybe final) installment of The Hangover series opens, we see some familiar faces, including a character that first appeared in The Hangover, that got the (accurate, but offensive) nickname: “Black Doug”, who (in a flashback) says a line from The Hangover (2009): “Damn, Marshall going to be pissed off at me on that one.”

And we find out that Marshall (John Goodman) is a drug-kingpin-gangster (in The Hangover Part III), that stole $42 million in gold, that Chow stole half of. So, Marshall steals Doug (Justin Bartha) and promises to give him back after the WolfPack bring Chow, and the gold.

They Changed Up The Story – Many fans were disappointed that The Hangover Part II (2011) was the same story as The Hangover (2009), but in Thailand. So, having a bit of a change was nice. This movie showed a lot more of the Chow-side-of-life. This movie has been reviewed lately as being the worst in the trilogy, but personally, I think it was better than The Hangover Part II.

They brought it back to the roots of The Hangover series – Bringing back Jade, Carlos, Chow and also, Doug not being a part of it, plus the whole “Black Doug” selling the wrong drugs to Alan and that all lead to Marshall’s troubles with Mr. Chow.

The After Credits Scene – The best part of the movie, by far, was the after dredits scene, you’ll understand why. Seeing the WolfPack come together to save Doug again was ok, seeing more Chow than anyone would wish, was well, a bit much, so the without the final scene, the movie would have been


Personally, I still think The Hangover is the best in the series, but I would have to say that the Hangover Part III is better than Part II (2011).

What did you think of the movie? Also, what do you think of the series as a whole? What was your favourite part?

Let us know below!

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