Danny Trejo: 2013’s biggest star

Let me repeat that:
2013 is going to be filled with Danny Trejo movies, the problem is that almost everything he’ll be in will be B-List movies, and you probably won’t even see 90% of them… That’s why I’m writing this post, because Trejo is a great actor, and he’s pretty under-rated even though he’s also pretty famous. Whenever there has to be a bad*ss Mexican, he’s there; from shows like Breaking Bad to franchises like Death Race, he jumps into the middle of them and makes them so much better. So that’s why I wanted to highlight his career for the (last couple) year(s), because it’s pretty impressive. Trejo has more movies coming out this year than some people do in their entire career (I’m pointing at you Will Smith).

But let’s get on with it, this year Danny Trejo is going to be in a lot of movies, I mean a lot, even more than Nicholas Cage will be… and that’s saying something. You know every couple of months you see a new movie with Nic Cage’s face on the poster? Yea, well that’s gonna be Trejo but with every DVD you see at your local shop, or on Netflix, mainly because Trejo’s movies most of the time go straight to DVD… Unfortunately.

We all know that Nicholas Cage has basically been in everything he could possibly get his hands on for the last couple years because he owed a ton of back taxes, millions, more than that. He has basically been making mediocre movies to pay off his debt… Which is a shame, not that I’m saying Nic Cage is some sort of brilliant actor, he’s not really bad at all (Con-Air and Lord of War are in my Top 20), but because he has been just acting to get money to give it back to the government, it feels like his last couple movies have been below par, and not up to the old Nicolas Cage standard.
Let’s start at 2011, because the last good movie Nicolas Cage was in, was Kick-Ass (in 2010).


From 2011 to the end of 2013 Nicolas Cage will have been in 11 movies

1) Season of the Witch
2) Drive Angry
3) Seeking Justice
4) Trespass
5) Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

6) Stolen

7) The Croods
8) The Frozen Ground
9) Joe
10) Wild Side
11) Outcast


From 2011 to 2013 Danny Trejo will have been in 51 movies

1) In The Shadow
2) Young Justice (1 episode)
3) Recoil
4) Blacktino
5) Bones (1 episode)
6) Cross
7) House of the Rising Sun
8) Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury
9) Franklin & Bash (1 episode)
10) Spy Kids: All the Time in the World 4D
11) Violet & Day
12) St. James St. James Presents: Delirium Cinema
13) Dark Games
14) The Muppets
15) A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
16) Breaking Wind

17) Alcatraz Prison Escape: Deathbed Confession
18) Amelia’s 25th
19) Strike One
20) The Cloth
21) The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange (2 episodes)
22) TripTank (1 episode)
23) Open Your Eyes
24) Bad Ass
25) Sushi Girl
26) Haunted High
27) Rise of the Zombies
28) Death Race: Inferno
29) Sons of Anarchy (15 episodes)
30) Bro’

31) Counterpunch
32) Bilet na Vegas
33) Bang.com
34) The Contractor
35) Pendejo
36) Force of Execution
37) Dr. Fubalous (4 episodes)
38) Five Thirteen
39) In the Blood
40) Mucho Dinero
41) Zombie Hunter
42) Bullet
43) Maron (1 episode)
44) The Sleeper
45) Dead in Tombstone
46) Machete Kills
47) Vengeance
48) Raggedy Anne
49) Tarantula
50) The Prey
51) 179th Street


Just to recap:

This is how many movies Nicolas Cage has that come out between 2011 and 2013:

Nicolas Cage movies copy

And this is how many Danny Trejo has:

Danny Trejo movies copy


Incredible. What are your thoughts guys? Who’s the better action star/bad*ss? Which of these two deserves more fame?

Let us know below!

4/13/2013 – 5:27 am

by James

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17 Comments on "Danny Trejo: 2013’s biggest star"

  1. I loved Danny in machete!,he’s good and I don’t believe he’s a great actor at all!..the guys seems to play the same character in every film he is in. He is just a calmer machete in all of them!..most of Danny’s roles are smaller than those of Cage, you said machete is in 51 movies when most of the list is composed of television shows!, one episode of him being some cholo..come on Danny do something we haven’t seen!..

    • thesecondtake | May 15, 2013 at 2:21 AM | Reply

      I’d have to agree with you on those points: he seems to play a similar character in most roles, and the list is compiled of both movies and television, in which Danny Trejo has much smaller roles than Nicholas Cage does in his. My point was simply to show that Trejo is just as busy, plus is in more movies and television than Cage, even though he has smaller roles. Thanks for the comment!

      – James

  2. John Austin | May 27, 2013 at 4:13 PM | Reply

    I met Danny Trejo last night at Houston Intercontinental airport. He was departing. It was a quick handshake, “love your work”, “great to meet you” and that was it. He was very accomadating to several of his fans, allowing pictures. He was smiling big the whole time and I could tell he was enjoying the attention. He seemed like a very nice guy. I knew my wife would be very disappointed that she missed him. I was waiting for her to arrive from Colorado Springs. It took her over 30 minutes to get to baggage claim. I asked her what took so long and she told me she had been “visiting” with Danny Trejo on the terminal tram. Ironic for sure. We both enjoy his movies and it made our evening.

  3. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog.Really thank you! Awesome.

    • Thanks a bunch for the support! I hope you check back every once in a while to get caught up movie & tv show news, if you have any topics you want me to cover, let me know about it below!

      – James

  4. Known danny since he turned my life around 30 yrs an never anything but a life saver for hundreds of lost souls thank you bro for showing me the steps

    • That’s amazing, I’ve heard only good things about him as a person and an actor. You’re lucky to know him personally.

      – James

  5. Thank you danny for all the action

  6. I love Danny Trejo. I am currently obsessed with the movie Bad Ass. I’ve watched it probably ten times in the last week, I love it so much. He’s the absolute best. Loved him in Machete and Machete Kills as well. I’m glad he’s getting starring roles; he truly can carry a film and super fierce and hard core sexy (and I still think so even though he’s almost 30 years older than me). I have been watching so much Danny Trejo these days, I had a dream about him that we were hanging out and I was eating chocolate mousse and woke up smiling. Nicholas Cage is excellent but truly when it comes to being a badass, Trejo will of course win every time. Nic has more acting chops perhaps *but* I think that’s due to experience carrying films and the range of roles he’s offered as well as his family background (and of course skill, too). I like Bad Ass because it allows a broader range for Trejo within one film and is really believable, well-acted on all fronts, and some key classic actors who are always good, too. Plus the beard is a plus… The more films he gets to carry with strong story lines that are not just convicts or gunslingers without any character development, the more he will show us even greater dimension in what he is capable of as an actor.

    • Thanks for commenting! I agree with you Anna, there’s something about Trejo that really makes me like him in everything he’s in. I like that you’re such a die hard fan of his, I am too! He’s awesome, I hope (like you) that he gets more substantial roles in the future (more than convicts or gunslingers)!

      – James

      • Agreed! Though I must say that the “badass” “gunslinger” roles are super hot so I won’t advocate that he leave those behind, no way! It’s so much a part of who he is as a person and as an actor…I just want the best writers and roles for him that are multi-dimensional whether as a super hero like Machete or regular guy gone rogue like Frank Vega. I love the badass characters in all forms. What I appreciate about Bad Ass is that he was an ordinary citizen and how it focused on the landscape of LA (perhaps similar to how Sweetback did back in the day where the landscape was almost a character in and of itself), could have been so many people’s lives/stories/day-in-the-life-with-a-twist. I am also a big fan of stories that highlight veterans; they get so maligned when they get back from duty, families in need even as they serve, few resources, and so many Vietnam vets homeless. I like to see a representative of that group/generation kick some ass and look hot doing it and get the girl in the end. I don’t mean to keep going on about it but I just really feel that this film is much more profound than it gets credit for…perhaps that will come in time. I know there are a lot of fans. (But I have to object to the final scene: no more trimming of the beard! Enough already!)

  7. I have always heard positive things about him. My sister is an production assistant and she said he is the coolest guy in the world, a real down to earth guy. He never says no to photos and autographs.

    • thesecondtake | April 5, 2014 at 8:03 PM | Reply

      That’s awesome! Thanks for the comment Frank, I’ve heard nothing but good things about Trejo as well. He seems like a great guy.

      – James

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