The Hangover Part III – trailer & poster, and it looks oddly familiar…


Brilliant. Just brilliant. Unless you haven’t realized yet, this poster is a mockery of the final Harry Potter movie’s poster:

They even have the same slogan:

The Hangover 3 is out May 24, 2013 and the trailer is out now!
Watch it here with an extended look at the highway scene near the end:
Hangover Part III Trailer

This poster solidified my vote, this movie is going to be classic.

Do you guys like this poster? What do you think about them mocking Harry Potter’s poster? Are you guys excited about seeing it?

3/6/2013 – 10:54 pm

by James

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  1. This is awesome! With a poster like this, it definitely has to be a good one. To follow one of the most anticipated series of movies (not to mention best selling books) it has set the bar high. But as we all know, the hangover movies are classics as well. Who hasn’t seen them?!? This is a great post- love the comparison! I will definitely be looking out for it when it hits theaters!

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